Yesterday, I woke up at 5am to finish two freelance assignments and get started on my personal writing projects before either of the boys woke up. It was a rousing success, and even though I was beyond exhausted with my wife begging me, “Please, for the sake of your liver, stop with the coffee,” I went to bed that night happily spent.

Then, my sons caught wind of this “rousing success” before meeting in their minds using their twin telepathy to decide, “Hey! Let’s wake up at the same time dad does so he can’t get started when he wants!”

“Yeah!” the other one mentally screamed. “Then we can pee on his hands so he has to wash them again! He’s already washing them so much because of COVID so a little more skin cracking isn’t gonna bother him!”



I might feel a little like this flower in front of our home, which normally blooms when the sun is out:

A little late.

Waiting for coffee to find its magical way into my veins.

Today, Project: TWILIGHT settings are beginning to get laid out. A whole new world to make.

Project: NESS outline, V.1 is getting started today. I’m using the Stine Model of outlining, where it’s part outline/part novel with dialogue to further examine important story bits. Should be able to finish by today, tomorrow at the latest.

That is if the Anarchy Twins let me…

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