It’s getting too hot for morning walks. Baby A started to develop some sort of rash underneath his neck. Most likely from all the sweat. We’re not born desert rats, we’re raised as desert rats. We’re basically Desert Banes.

Project: TWILIGHT is moving along thanks to The Book Plan. Project: NESS is still in the outline phase. I’m settling in to the idea that I’m now officially a Stay-At-Home Dad (or SAHD, for short, and yes, it is pronounced exactly as it’s spelled and isn’t that just hilariously sad?).

I’ve been writing on this site for about 2 years and feel like I need to have some sort of FAQ at the top of the page explaining what I do here. I mean, when I post these STATUS blogs what does that mean to people? When I say “Fifth Draft is where I learn about what it takes to be a writer,” what does that mean?

Anyway, got 2 freelance assignments to get out, dinner to make, and work to do after the boys go to bed because guess what? They’ve started to wake up at 5am with me so getting personal writing done before they wake up is impossible now.

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