There was a time where I would write about some cool coffee shop or bookstore in this series. Someplace with lots of history, ambience, great music, and exposed brick. You know the kind.

But I’m in a different spot now.

I’m officially a S.A.H.D. (Not a fan of the acronym.)

Stay-At-Home Dad.

This is my office, now. A comfy floor and lap desk. Part playroom, part workspace. Currently, I’m finishing up a freelance article while my boys play underneath a Finding Nemo playmat, rolling around to grab their toys and books on a Blue’s Clues blanket we’ve spread out for them. Their stuffed dog and bear, DD and KB, are beside them. And yes, that is a baby arm.

If it helps, I’m using a LapGear Home Office Lap Desk (Amazon)

This is how we work, now. Whenever and wherever I can.

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