As I’m writing this it’s somehow 5pm here in Phoenix and I’m wondering where the bloody devil the day went. If you were to ask me, right now, I was just taking out the trash in my pajamas and suddenly it’s time to get the boys prepped for bed. I’m a little out of my sorts, feel ill-equipped for the week, but remember that I was forged to teach in an elementary school classroom so nothing short of Odin wielding a flaming sword made of tyrannosaurus rexes can stop me.

Rex’s? Rexi?


I took a picture of this chocolate bar to celebrate that I completed two more small deadlines on Project: TWILIGHT. The Book Plan I spoke about last week seems to be working, so long as I stick to the schedule. I’m fleshing out the setting of this new book, a near-total build from the ground up, with some foundations already in place from prior novels I started but have since abandoned. I turned in the bits that were due, on time, so I rewarded myself with 4 blocks from this almond and sea salt dark chocolate bar.

I know. I should settle down before things get too crazy.

Really, schedules and me should be the best of friends. I’m a teacher. Mine and my students’ days were dictated by everything on the white board at the front of the class. Since I’ve made the leap to becoming Stay-At-Home Dad, Esq., my wife and I have discussed the best ways for me to take care of the house/her/the boys. Daily cleaning, routines for the twins, and self-care need to be taken into account.

Of course, once you do an image search online you get a million results from a billion moms with way too much artistic ability for what I’m looking for. I just want a simple format, you know? I guess I’ll have to make up my own thing, compiled from all the best parts of what I find. Will share once I have something to share.

Here we go. New week.

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