I’m really throwing this post up as a force of habit. To keep up with the of log what’s been going on.

This espresso is life. This espresso is sustenance. This espresso is God.

I have two freelance articles due tomorrow and another one to fix up before it gets shared on the big stage.

Another batch of Project: TWILIGHT notes are due tomorrow. If I finish them then there’s another few squares of delectable dark chocolate waiting for me.

Project: NESS has been sitting in my head. I haven’t gotten any words down for the outline I’ve been working on but I’m trying to figure out how the story fits together. It’s a puzzle, right? I have all these smaller, well-thought out pieces, and now I have to stitch them together. If I can sit with it for another day or two I should have a solid outline done by this Sunday.

…Wait, Monday is a holiday.

…Wait, that doesn’t matter anymore in The Darkest Timeline (TM).

Good luck. Always be doing something great. I’m about to pound this espresso and finish work before the twins wake up OH GOD THEY WOKE UP.

Thanks for reading,

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