Today is the day.

Project: NESS kicks of with a long, extended writing sprint after the boys go to sleep. If you want, you can follow along with me on Twitter @RobAcosta. Should post progress shots of how I’m doing. Also, if you click on the ‘Project: NESS’ tab at the bottom, it should pop up all the other blogs I’ve done cataloguing the progress on this.

The world is on fire and racial tensions are at a peak. I’m certainly not the man to write about it or try to construct a solution. There are a lot of smarter, wiser, more serious minded individuals looking to fix the world.

All I can offer is the stories I tell.

This book is personal to me, because I’m hoping for it to accurately reflect the parts of my life I put into it correctly. Without giving away anything (hopefully), the crux of the tale rests on a minority family fighting back against evil. I want to show the world, people, that anyone of any color can be heroic. Can be trustworthy. That no one is better than someone else based on the color of their skin, but by the actions they demonstrate.


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