Project: NESS is in motion and I’m feeling more exhausted than normal because my boys aren’t able to play for long without Mama or Papa nearby. So, that’s been a time eater. They’re waking up too early now for me to get any writing done before they need to eat. My only option is to stay up late.

There’s not enough coffee in the house to help me out.

The featured image is a Progress Bar, a Bullet Journal module I use to plan out writing projects and give myself the sense I’m progressing. Moving forwards. Getting something done. Whatever. I only have 40 seconds before the boys’ singing elephant toy needs to be started up again.

Whenever it feels like I’ve done nothing creative, I take a look and see what modes I’ve filled in. NESS took a lot of time to get to actual writing (close to 6 months) so it’s nice to be reminded that I wasn’t doing nothing. I was working, planning, all in the midst of raising boys.

I like simple tools. I don’t need a lot to get the job done. Any Google image search of Bullet Journal will bring back wonderful art projects which I’m sure are appealing releases for those who made them. I just need a box with some writing.

You can have coffee at 5:00 o’clock in the evening, right?

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