Good morning. Yesterday was a bit of a garbage fire, wasn’t it? That’s okay. Tomorrow has arrived.

And we have books! Books are great. Look at these books. And the random tins of Pokemon cards, as well as the two Pop Funko figures of Chandra from Magic the Gathering and Diane from Bojack Horseman, and a holiday ornament left out from Christmas with a picture of my son in it.

Came across something great on Jon Winokur’s Twitter, @AdviceToWriters, which tweets out daily writing advice. Sometimes the wisdom is typical, but necessary, like try your best; listen; read a lot; don’t be afraid;

Thanks, Sorkin…

That’s great and all, but I already know to try and do that. I needed something new. Something fresh. Something powerful.


I guess you could chalk this up to gut instinct. That you, as an avid reader, know when something doesn’t read properly. Cut it out. If you come across a sentence or a word in your own writing that sounds bad, get rid of it. If you stop while reading, cut it.

Not sure how this can be applied to real life, but I need to fix up Project: GREY’s first chapter one final time before I submit it again.

Let’s burn today down on our own terms.

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