We’ve passed the 4,000 word mark on Project: NESS.

This is usually when one of two things starts to happen to me: I either find the groove and voice for the narrator, allowing me to slip into the story super easily, or it feels like putting a square puzzle piece into a circular hole except the hole is on fire and also filled with snakes.

I’m somewhere in-between, where it feels like I have the voice sitting next to me, grabbing a cup of coffee while we chat about our kids and our college days. Other times, it feels like it’s punching me in the throat while smiling and stealing my candy.

And I’ve only been writing for 5 days. This is where writers drop out, in the beginning, when the sweat starts breaking and it feels like you’ll never be able to finish the monumental task you’ve set up for yourself. No one says you HAVE to write this book, but you do it anyway. We really are a bizarre breed, aren’t we?

I love a good chart.

Quarantine is going well, even though most of my state isn’t taking it as seriously as it should be. (Sigh, come on Arizona, get it together.) This is the world we live in, nothing that can be done. Still, it’d be nice if my dad bod wasn’t so…Dad Bod.

The above chart is to motivate me into getting into shape, to monitor my progress, to help me move forward and think beyond tomorrow. I like working out at home more than the gym. In the past I’ve found greater results when I rely on my own body as weight.

So, keeping it simple for now. Repeated high-reps of push-ups, crunches, and air squats. As the weeks go on I’ll add in planks, lunges, and maybe yoga? I don’t know. My wife keeps telling me to try it.

I am getting older, after all. Need to keep up that flexibility.

*bends over to get a pen that rolled off my desk

*pulls muscle

*falls over


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