*checks calendar

Ah, it seems I’m turning 33 in a few days. Recently, my wife told me I act a specific way right before my trip around the sun anniversary: I start rushing around, trying to finish projects, saying I don’t have much time, my world is ending, this is it, yadda yadda yadda. To her, I guess she thinks I’m freaking out that I’m another year older and I haven’t done all that I want.

To me, I tell myself it’s more like trying to hit a deadline. Once the clock rolls over and I age up, it’s a clean slate. I’m going to have to look back, take stock of the year, and see if it was all worth it.

Since I had my twin sons this past year, yeah. I’d say it was all worth it.

Project: NESS is nearing completion. Sending out Project: GREY to agents, waiting on responses from about three. Back to writing on here on a regular basis, even if it’s silly nonsense like this.

Pictured above: Crazy Quarantine Hair at 4am. A Movement.

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