Frustrate Owl is frustrated. This painting, the first I’ve done in years and years, was done for my sister-in-law’s birthday a week ago. My wife’s family decided to start spicing up our Zoom birthday calls across the country. Wonder what’s going to happen for my birthday next week.

…(time passes between Robert starting and finishing this blog post)…

Good lord I’m 33.

Woof. New WordPress editor.

Not sure how I feel about it or how it’s going to affect my flow getting these things out, but, let’s make the best of it. Seems like they’ve opened up the options which means I might be able to stylize these blogs a little better.

“What flow?” he asks himself, you might be thinking, after not writing a blog in over a week. Hey, back off, it’s been a big introspective week, wondering how I can continue to go about using this site if I’m not actually out and about. That’s the secret about writing with a social media presence, right? You spend all your time alone with the ides in your head all while trying to make it seem like stuff is actually happening.

My days are similar in many ways. The boys are sleeping through the night, waking up around 5:30am. Their first feeding as at 6am, then they nap until about 7. They get changed, we play in their playpen together, then they get their first solids around 8:30am. We’ve been alternating new foods every three days, to watch for allergic reactions. This week they get chicken and raspberries for the first time.

Feedings and solids alternate every two hours until bath time at 6pm. We read a book before putting them to bed, then they’re asleep 6:30pm. After that my wife and I whip something together for dinner and clean up a bit of the chaos the boys left behind. Throughout the day I try to clean while they nap or prepare the next batch of baby food or do any selection of household chores while my wife works from home, such as cleaning the bathrooms or mopping.

And that’s it. Hardly the exciting life of sitting in cafes with a notebook and pen, earbuds in, looking out a window at a cloudy Phoenix sky, begging for it to rain just a little. But even that was a bit of a lie. It only seems exciting to people looking at my Instragram or Twitter or the featured images on this page. In reality, it’s quiet, soulful, with a lot of outside clatter going on. (People talk about the most personal stuff in coffee shops. Like, seriously. There’s others around you listneing in, man. Keep that stuff at home.)

I’m not really sure what this is, but I guess it’s just another in a long line of figuring out how I can continue to be a rider while also being a stay at home dad did two wonderful boys. Maybe that’s part of the journey now. Not just figuring out how to become a published author, figuring out how to do it with my boys beside me.

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