Less than 10 days. You know the one, but, still, with this year being the flaming dumpster fire with a special, glowing sticker of hope slapped on in the end in the form of a new president and a vaccine, a little holiday cheer feels necessary this year. If you celebrate it, I mean. I would never want to push anything on anybody, but we love Christmas in this home for the kitschy reasons and for the emotional, year-end reflection reasons.

I work on East Coast time with my freelance writing work, so a lot of the time I wake up at 6am to finish assignments. The Christmas lights in our front yard blink through the blinds, so every morning when I walk downstairs, it’s a modest reminder of the season.

Keep working. The year is almost done.

When I started I had two assignments to do and it was 6 o’clock. Now it’s 7 o’clock and I’ve got one more to do.

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