I used to make little posts like these over on my Instagram, but this feels a little better to post here. On the right is a Field Notes Kraft Ruled Line edition, the classic Field Notes with perfectly spaced lines and feel. These things have served me well for close to 7 years, near indestructible, and well suited for a variety of purposes. Starting today, 3.2.2021.

The lines are important. While I love almost everything Field Notes has almost done, I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of the dot-grid format of their notebooks. The spacing is too small for my regular handwriting and I’m not a free enough spirit to write where I want on the page. It’s sad. I wish I could fly with the “I Don’t Care Where I Write” spirits…

On the left is a Field Notes Heavy Duty edition, dated from 1.21.2021 to 3.1.2021. It contains article outlines for my George Takei pieces, Magic the Gathering deck ideas, shopping lists, over 30 daily Bullet Journal lists, blog starters, the definition of “convergent evolution,” and a few Morning Page-esque ideas of how I should be living my life.

Time to keep working.