Got up extra early this morning. #PitMad is today, the amateur author pitch event on Twitter where you condense your book down into less than 280 characters, RT the ones you think are great, and keep an eye out for Likes on your Tweet. If an agent Likes your pitch (who should be the only ones Liking your pitches) then that means they want a full query.

About as simple as it gets. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Plus, you get to see a big wave of all the potential big authors coming down the line, people, like me, who dream of telling stories for a living. It can be a little intimidating seeing how many people are out there, but that’s the game, right? Believing you’re the star that can rise to the heavens first.

I’m listening to the WrestleTalk Podcast as I’m writing this (as part of my guilty pleasure of enjoying certain parts of the world of wrestling). I can’t listen to spoken word podcasts when I’m doing creative writing. Usually, I play something like this for freelance work or when writing a blog, something where facts are at the front of my mind, not images of people wielding swords of glowing light.

That needs something else.

God, I hope it’s not as windy today as it was yesterday. We almost lost all our patio furniture. This is Phoenix. We didn’t sign up for that.

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