I’ve been posting work logs over on Twitter.

I’m tired of “hot takes” or “dunks” on people or the 24+ Tweet threads, which would probably work better if you just wrote a blog, so I made the conscious decision to change up how I use Twitter. I start with a Log On tweet, state what I’m doing in a Hashtag (#MorningPages, #Blog, #WIP, #Freelance), then follow up with a list of random thoughts or bits accompanying using this format: |> task

I’ve been trying to find a good Logging On and Logging Off image to use to accompany the tweets. I tried using a Goku becoming Super Saiyan GIF and a Microsoft logging off GIF, but, I think I found something better.

Back in 94′, before Disney bough everything, The Muppet Show used to play on Nickelodeon. I have this faint memory in my mind, so ingrained it’s more of a feeling, where I’d watch The Muppet Show at my Nana and Tata’s house (since they had Nickelodeon and we didn’t) on Friday nights. Maybe my parents were on a date or maybe they just didn’t want to deal with four kids in the house and needed a break, I don’t know, but anyway, I’m excited, loving the Muppets, loving the energy, thrilled I get to watch television that doesn’t need rabbit ears, and then…

…the show ends.

It’s over. No more kids programming for the day. Nick at Nite is about to start, maybe Bewitched or I Love Lucy, and I have to go to sleep. The last image, the lasting image, was Zoot of the Muppet orchestra, playing one last note.

Then fade to black.

Then Nick at Nite begins.

To me, Zoot playing that last note is the end of the day. So, from now on, that’s my Logging Off image.

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