“This is a blog meant to write words and paragraphs.”

That’s how I’m starting this because Firefox (my preferred browser) seems to be acting up. Some websites aren’t allowing me to use the space bar and the backend of WordPress decided to change the text style for no reason. That sentence was meant as a test to make sure things were working on this side.

Surprise. It does.

This is my writing goal list for the week. Last week’s were such a huge success in terms of alleviating my anxiety and helping me get actual writing work done, I decided to bring it back.

5 blog posts up this week, two of them will be longform (as in not a STATUS or a Book Quote). I’m going to try to add on another 4,000 words to Project: GREY, but that all really depends on how many chapters I can get through before I start writing the new material.

Project: DEED’s outline is done, so I want to take the refined outline to compare it to the 10 chapters I already had written, making sure they line up to what I intend to do with this standalone story now. (Side note, I saw on Twitter someone post about the things they wish they knew before they started querying and one of them was how they wish they knew you have a better chance of selling a single book than trying to sell a series. Interesting.)

Finally, Project: NESS is officially on the slow burner in the back of the oven, so I’ll be taking it a chapter a week at a time. Currently, I’m on chapter 20, so, one a week. That’s the goal. NESS is intended as another series (not connected to GREY) so since I’ll be querying ideally a series book and a standalone book, I’ll hold off on this one for a bit.

Speaking of, time to get to work.

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