I haven’t been working at home as often as you might think, Patsy.

Lately, we’ve been visiting the in-laws for days at a time. Quarantine brings about an abundance of time but not necessarily an abundance of safe places to visit. Family time, or really any face time with people that isn’t the face you see in the mirror, can feel exhausting but be a real necessity as a reminder of what we’re hoping to get back to once this is all cooled down. We want real world connections again, so if its safe on both ends, try to visit someone you care about.

And if not, hold out a little while longer.

Anyway, since I’m not at home, it’s important for me to get in the necessary mind space to be able to begin working. I get that I’ve only been a “writer” quote-unquote-hey-aren’t-we-all-writers-when-we-say-we-are-writers but seriously I mean that as it’s only been about 5 years since I’ve been paid to be a writer. Being able to switch into “Work Mode” can be tough, and everyone has their own method, but I appreciate this post from John Rogers (TV and film writer. LEVERAGE, THE LIBRARIANS, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES, BLUE BEETLE) who tweeted once:

I like the idea of your office traveling with you wherever you are. Maybe I miss the days of my tutoring work when I could roll up to one of 15 different coffee shops, unpack my kid, and get to work. I had a leather writing utensil pouch, three or four notebooks with different projects in them (some freelance, some novels, my Bullet Journal), battery pack, and laptop. It was great.

The Featured Image is my daily work set-up now. Laptop, Field Notes Kraft Ruled edition (as my new Bullet Journal), Morning Pages notebook, and occasionally I’ll have whatever Project notebook or binder in my bag. (The basket of St. Patrick’s wearables was for my wife’s birthday because she loves St. Patrick’s Day, and Ireland, to the extreme.)

Simple, clean, puts me in the right headspace to start working.

Like Rogers says, the tools anchor the habit.

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