I’m dreaming of better leagues, Patsy.

It’s hard to get to work when you have a thousand thoughts in your head not at all related to what you’re doing. Basically, you’re putting up roadblocks to sabotage yourself. Normally I would use Morning Pages to clear my mind, but since it’s already the afternoon and the boys are asleep and my time is limited to get actual work done, but as a father/writer it’s my job to figure out a way to compartmentalize the facts that Zack Snyder doesn’t understand comic book characters, their motivations, or how to make a scene that doesn’t involve 71 slo-mo sequences.


I feel better.

*Side-note: I did start watching it last night, and while I didn’t finish it (using math I’m only 1/6 of the way through) I can already tell….I’m gonna hate it. But, let’s let the artist speak for himself. I’ll have a lot to say on it later, I’m sure.

In the meantime, Patsy, I’m going to imagine truly phenomenal storytelling works featuring these characters and use that to get into the right headspace today. Wish me luck.

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