…Nespresso Capsule’s and La Dulce Vita biscotti.

That’s what it’s taking for me to survive, Patsy. (Also, this is me experimenting with giving titles to my STATUS blogs, which are really just my way of talking a little about my day in something too long for a Tweet.)

This is a short one. Got a lot on the plate for it being only Monday. And that’s just the writing stuff. Turns out, if baby proof your downstairs while also taking away the baby playpen that kept your twin sons essentially locked up, YOU STILL NEED TO FOLLOW THEM EVERYWHERE BECAUSE OH MY GOD BABIES CAN GET INTO EVERYTHING HENCE THE NESPRESSO CAPSULE AND BISCOTTI.

I’m sure I’ll get over it. “Oh, they knocked over their bin of books, laid them out over the entire rug, and are reading them one at a time. That’s nice.” Right now, thought? It’s more, “Good Lord I’m going to have to pick all of that up aren’t I?”

We drink coffee.

We make our writing goals list for the week.

And we move on.

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