There’s nothing more exhilirating for me than to finish a notebook. My preferred notebook as of late have been Field Notes (as if I don’t talk about them enough). Gone are the days when I could buy a big, important notebook, like a classic Moleskin or a Leuchtturm1917 A5, plot out the months, the events, the goals, create two page spreads for all the books I read while also keeping track of my monthly habits.

My lifestyle doesn’t really suit that anymore. Not when I’m rolling around on the floor with two 17-month olds, unable to sit at a desk while they’re awake because they also need to sit in my lap and touch everything I’m doing at the same time or they’ll start crying.

So, one Field Notes, roughly every month or until I run out of pages. This last one, a Field Notes National Parks edition done in collaboration with The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, was started on March 30 and finished up today, April 29. About a month. The one on the right, the new one, is a Field Notes Group Eleven series, given a gilt along the sides with either of the elements of copper, silver, or gold. This one is gold, I believe.

New notebook. Blank pages. That’s all I need.

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