We’re starting our second week in Tucson, Patsy.

It’s been plenty of fun seeing family, hanging out by the pool, taking the boys and all their cousins to the zoo, and overall just enjoying being safely around one another after over a year of limited time together.

Hope this keeps up the next few days.

I don’t talk a lot about the music I listen to on here. Mainly because I feel my music choices are not choices anyone else would make. Like, if I started listing the albums I regularly have on rotation you might say to yourself, “Wow this dude really has an affinity for mid-to-late 90s superhero films.” Which I guess I do? I maintain the Batman Forever soundtrack is the greatest film soundtrack of all time. Don’t believe me?

It was wild times, man.

Soundtrack music is what I usually have on rotation. Don’t get me wrong. I love Elvis Presley and getting lost in the chords of Django Reinhardt, but for my writing? For my creativity? For allowing my imagination to run rampant? Nothing better than soundtracks. Movies, TV, video games, whatever. So maybe I’ll start sharing the various soundtracks that I listen to to help me get in the mood. I don’t know. I feel like sharing that more than I like sharing the fact I listen to nearly 80 year old gypsy jazz music on the reg because it “takes me back to a simpler time.”

Because it does.

Currently Listening:

The Day of the Doctor Soundtrack by Murray Gold.

It’s helping me get through the last few thousand words of Project: GREY, which, yeah, is taking a lot longer than I thought.

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