I like notebooks, Patsy.

You reminded me of that.

It felt like for the months following the boys’ birth, and lockdown taking effect, that my days of using lots of notebooks for lots of different purposes were behind me. That there wasn’t really a reason for me to keep a separate notebook for various uses as I will never have the time to fully use them. I’m at home, stuck, taking care of two boys while trying to help my wife run the house while she’s working all day. There’s no TIME for sitting down and writing about what I had to eat for the day in a devoted notebook.

And that killed me. It was. It was killing my soul not to.

Now I’m starting it up again. Why? I don’t know. The world’s opening up? Things seem to be on the rise (so long as you’re not an old, white Republican but they’ve been persecuted for so long how do they do it the idiots)? Why shouldn’t I do the same for my soul?

The white Field Notes Group Eleven is my day-to-day Bullet Journal, where everything I do for the day and random notes and story outlines get logged. This is also where I draft out the openings for my freelance assignments over on GTCO.

The two smaller notebooks clipped together on top (the Vietnamese Notre Dame one and a Field Notes Three Missions) are the notebooks with all of my Project: GREY notes.

Underneath that is a Field Notes End Papers edition, which I’ve started to use for logging what I’m learning from the podcasts I listen to.

Then there’s a green Moleskine 3.5 x 5.5 hardcover below that, which is where I jot down Pokémon team building ideas for competitive play. It’s become one of my stress relievers and mind wandering activities, so if I think of a cool sounding team combination, I’ll write it out.

Then there’s my morning pages notebook, a leather bound one of indiscernible origin. I was gifted it for Christmas and didn’t save the card of the notebook’s maker. Still, it’s a wonderful one and should last me a few more months.

The black binder is for Project: NESS while the white binder is for Project: DEED.

That’s it.

For now. You can always add more. Don’t be afraid of the things that make you happy, even if it seems difficult to use.

Thanks for reading,

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