They’ll probably find me drowned in a sea of notebooks, Patsy.

“What’s in those notebooks?” you might ask. Well, if I was Queen Victoria those notebooks might contain stories and recounts of my sensual escapades because, hey, let’s all have nightmare tonights imagining our grandparents becoming intimate.

I love Field Notes. These are their fiftieth quarterly edition I received in the mail yesterday, aptly named “Fifty,” is just a reminder of the variety and quality they bring to everything they do. The big thing up top is apparently a ledger? I guess? I’ve never been important enough to require a desk ledger but perhaps some day I might have a big important desk with a big important pen holder and a big important chair and off to the side sits my big important ledger with the day’s tasks scribbled alongside the 5,719th Goku I’ve drawn in my notebooks.

They will say nothing, but mean everything to me.

Project: GREY is open once again. I clocked in a thousand words yesterday, my most in nearly two weeks. That was an exhilarating rush and really gave me the clearance I need to finish this draft to start querying once again. I keep thinking of the agent who put me on this path, who expanded the idea of lengthening this book, and how maybe, just maybe, this is my chance.

It’s a little to go off of but when you’re deep in the query trenches this is all you can hold on to.

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