It’s been a week, Patsy.

Not a tough week. Not an easy week. Just….A week.

Earlier this week Baby B was showing signs of exhaustion and ran a 102 fever. We laid with him, held him, and by the next morning his fever had broke.

Then the rash came.

A quick visit to the doctor revealed it’s most likely a case of Roseola, a disease common to infants under the age of 2. In a few days they’d likely be past it and, honestly, the rash is gone completely since Tuesday. You wouldn’t think they were sick, though, because those boys have been following me around day in and day out, wanting to be held, wanting to sit in the same spot, wanting to snuggle, wanting to watch more and more Cocomelon to feel better.

So, yeah, not a lot of time for writing. In fact this post comes almost more than a week after my last one. A quick glance at my Twitter feed shows that I have been doing my freelance work, pushing myself in the morning to make sure I’m clear the rest of the day/night (it’s always the nights).

If I was a pro writer, getting paid for this, then certainly there would be something I would have done to make sure my writing got done. Having family come to help out? Maybe we’d already have a nanny or put them in daycare (though that would probably not be wise considering the rashes)? I don’t know. But the writing would HAVE to happen because that’s the livelihood.

When I’m not getting paid for my writing (yet) then that means the stay-at-home dad has to step up and sacrifice time and energy to help. That’s just the job, you know? You stay home, every day, drink lots of liquids, and, yeah, that’s it.

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