The weather’s sort of evened out here, Patsy.

Basically, it’s as hot as it’s going to be for the next three months. Oh sure, we might have a day where it only gets into the high 100s, without quite cracking the 110s, and sure, there was that weird day last week where it rained for some reason all morning long(?) and, seriously, what the heck was that?

But it’s hot all the time. You keep your A/C at a reasonable temperature and don’t move around a lot. No outdoor adventures for a while. Try to keep anything indoors if you can. Be smart with your electricity use during the day because you know it’s all going to keeping the house cool.

Actually, doing anything with the boys might be right out. I’m trying to write my book today even though there’s a thousand other things bouncing around in my mind. We have some house issues to deal with, a possible trip across the country to plan, and a dozen other errands that we were putting off until we had the vaccines and it was safer to go out.

Turns out that might not be the case anymore.

There was a recent story here in Phoenix of a little boy who contracted COVID, even though his parents were vaccinated and the group of people they saw were also vaccinated.

If you’re vaccinated, great. Go out if you need to. Don’t be making dumb choices.

That’s what all this has been about, right? People making dumb choices. That’s why we’ve gotten to where we are.

I wish we weren’t, but that’s where we are.

I sometimes think about what I’d love to use this blog for. Something a little more therapeutic instead of an occasional check-in with my work or whatever. It’d be a morning practice, something I start off with by posting a proof-of-life pic, maybe a quick word about the work flow, then throughout the day I’d keep sharing on here the stuff I find online that’s interesting or helpful, with some words about it. Basically, what I’m trying and failing to do on my Twitter. It’s a little hard as the only time I get to sit at my computer throughout the day is when the boys nap.

WordPress’ app is manageable, but a little tricky to use when you have two 20 month olds crawling all over you.

To get to that point I need to write this book.

That’s the end goal, isn’t it? Just write the book. Make all your dreams come true.

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