I don’t know if I’m too old to be finding new music, Patsy.

I guess that’s the folly of every person over 30? Conscious or not we begin to act wistful for the things we had before we rolled into triple decades. Music being a prime choice because, as every poet ever in the history of always has said, music can take you back to a place. It can remind you of who you used to be, who you wanted to be, and put up a grim reality mirror to who you are now.

Me? I like a lot of video game and movie soundtracks. Keeps me timeless, with my mind only drifting to the intense story beats and huge, epic moments I get to relive through music. That’s the way to go. Only soundtracks. Nothing else to remind me of the slow, inevitable passage of time and that my sons are probably stealing away the years from me like a bunch of wormhole parasite.

I love them.

Anyway, while playing hide-n-seek in our pop-up tents and reading Old MacDonald for the 37th time today, I played some Post Malone for the boys.

I swear I used to be with it.

Back to writing work. GREY and DEED await.

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