I don’t really believe in otherworldly stuff, Patsy.

I wish I did. I wish I could. Writing to you has been a bizarre form of therapy to get out what I would normally tell you when you came to visit, keeping you up to date on the little bits of my life I know not everyone would enjoy hearing for long stretches of time. Not once, though, do I think these are actually you out in the universal aether. (To speak of my religion, I am religious, and that’s all I speak of it.)

Yet, I can’t shake this feeling.

There’s something good coming.

Isn’t that scarier than the opposite? Something worse arriving is like watching a storm coming, dark clouds on the distance, creeping into your view. But something good? What is that feeling? A sunrise? The first fallen snow of the winter? Something good means something different for different people, but bad things? Bad things can seem universal.

I don’t what it is or what it’ll be or when it’ll happen.

But it’s coming, Patsy. I don’t know. Can’t explain it. But I’ll keep working for it.

Anyway, the Featured Image is my notebook transfer for this month. On the left is a Field Notes Heavy Duty edition, dated from 6.27.2021-8.10.2021. On the right is the brand new Field Notes Trailhead edition, started today. The feel is exquisite. Super happy with this one.

Okay bye.

Thanks for reading,

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