I’ve been trying to write this for a week to say that I won’t be able to write for longer than a week.

A week ago we were in the hospital, watching my wife go through nearly 48 hours of labor to bring us our son. Baby C now has a name, a home, and two older brothers who refuse to really acknowledge him. That’s okay. All in time.

Speaking of time (segue), I’ll have to be taking some time off. A month ought to do it, I think, until the little man gets under a decent schedule. Everything is on pause. Project: DEED, 200 pages in, will have to wait. Project: GREY, while pitchable, will have to wait.

Maybe I got one more in me.

No freelancing. No extra writing. No pressure. If something comes naturally, cool, but I’m not pushing myself.

I’m not much of a writer right now.

But it’s time for me to learn to be a dad of 3.

Keep safe. See you when I get back.

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