Good Lord, it’s already April.

The year is just rolling along, huh? It doesn’t feel we’ve already burned through a 1/3 of 2023, but here we are, technically in Spring, waiting for the heat to rise and the water activities to start, though if you’re my sons you’ve already played with your little dino splash table in the freezing, windy backyard because Phoenix doesn’t know what “weather” is.

STATUS blogs have always been general check-ins, things that might be too long for Twitter (for as long as we have it), that show I’m still here. Consider them old school “proof of life” style posts, where they don’t do much but let those who read your stuff you’re still around, still working, and still trying.

But I would like some formatting to this, something that gives me some focus. Maybe a…

Up First: Still plugging away at the Project: TWILIGHT outline, the thing that will tell me in great detail what goes into each chapter of the book. I call them Stine Model Outlines, based on the work of R.L. Stine and what he taught in his MasterClass. Hoping to have that done by the end of the month. Also, Project: BIANCA, my middle-grade contemporary fantasy is back in full swing and it feels like I’ve never left these characters. I’m so happy to be giving this the full shot.

Waiting On: Project: NESS beta reader notes. A couple of readers still have it, so if they get it back to me by the end of April, I can spend May fixing it, and the summer I can start pitching it. Two books being pitched. That’s a fun dream.

Listening: The WrestleTalk Podcast, hearing them trying to sort through all the stupid nonsense Vince McMahon is putting his own company and people through.

Reading: across a couple books, but presently focused on Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty.

Huh. I didn’t hate that.

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