I don’t know why we have the friends we have. I just know the ones worth having stick around for a reason. You might be that friend to someone without even realizing it.

This came yesterday. See the excitement and confusion? That’s all genuine. (Please ignore the mess on the floor I’m a stay-at-home father of three boys under the age of 4 and I would actually consider this pretty clean.)

Having a chair like this seemed like a far off dream, something that would happen when it was needed. “When I get a literary agent, that’s when I’ll buy a chair that support my spine and stops making me feel like I’m sitting on a grocery store pallet.” You put it off. You think you don’t need it, that you’re being put through your paces for a reason.

Then someone says they’re looking out for you, again, and all you can hope for is you look out for them in the same way.

I have good friends. I hope I’m worth it.

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