Project: GREY is done and done.

The 4th draft edits have been completed, based off the information given to me by my wonderful beta readers. I celebrated by buying myself some digital cards because that’s where I’m at in my tabletop gaming life. (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, of all things. Seriously, how messed up is a Yu-Gi-Oh card?)

The month of June will be spent researching book agents whom may be able to help represent me and my book, send it to a publishing house, where it will hopefully be published for all to read. This requires a pitch (which I have, but needs polishing) and a query letter (of which I have a basic outline for, but need to badly update.)


June also means a decreased student load for my tutoring business. While I am always in the market for more students in the greater Phoenix area (direct them to, it also gives me a chance to write my next book.

The next book.

From here on out, you’ll be hearing more about:

Project: BIANCA

For those who don’t know about my obscure writing practices, I code-name my projects to keep them secret online. I never know which one is going to be the one to sell, but this gives it a layer of protection and plus I think it’s cool so shut up, Jeff, I don’t need this right now!

I might be a little on edge.

There’s excitement filling my body. A new project, a new story, something I planned out months ago and have had in my head for even longer, is about to become real.

Which means there’s a chance it could be…bad? Not good?

Recently, Sam Sykes posted on Twitter something that impacted me right in the face, just as I was starting to gear up mentally and start writing this new book:

Wait, no, not that one. THIS one:

Maybe Project: BIANCA won’t be all its cracked up to be in my head. Maybe it won’t do everything I planned for it do when I plotted it out in my big, fancy, leatherbound notebook I bought at the Arizona Renaissance Festival over a year ago.

But you know?

It’ll be done.

And that’s enough.


Project: BIANCA, a YA urban fantasy

Word Count Goal: ~50-60,000 words

Total Word Count: 0

Let’s get started.

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