Week 1: 1.6-1.12.19

This is a new habit, born of the new year. I’m writing this in Apple Notes, one of the many note-taking tools they give me. The reason I’m using this oft forgotten app instead of Word or a notebook is because it’s synced up across all my devices. So if I need to add something to this post as it naturally grows throughout the week, it’ll hit my laptop, where I can then add on more detail and hyperlink out.

Because that’s what Weeknotes are, right? According to Russel T. Davies, at least.

A recording of the weeks events with links that direct people to what you’ve been reading.


Sunday, 1.6.19


Monday, 1.7.19
Spent the day on the couch, sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and overall just acting like I’m dying.

Played Destiny on the PS4 for the first time in a year over the holiday break, and that habit has unfortunately continued.

Honestly, it felt amazing. I’m not a habitual smoker, minus the occasional cigar with my dad, but I’m imagining this is what it feels like to go back and smoke after a few years.
This isn’t as intense as it was before, where it would literally steal my work time, but it’s a fun foray into a game that brought me a lot of joy in the past.

Just gonna ride it out until Kingdom Hearts III drops, then I’ll drop this like a bad habit. Which is what it is. Bad. Habit.

Tuesday, 1.8.19
First day back with the kids and I didn’t die.

That’s always cause for celebration.

Wednesday, 1.9.19
New Comic Book Day!

Thursday, 1.10.19
It’s the day after New Comic Day! I’ve been reading New Comics regularly, after not reading them for about 4 years, for about 7 months now. I’m loving the new outcrop of stuff. It’s strange, with the power of a break, what that can do for a hobby.

Bendis’ DC stuff is excellent, as predicted. Warren Ellis is writing the best science-fiction chase scene of all time in “Cemetery Beach,” and I’m delving into Tom King’s “Batman” run. I’ve heard nothing but good things from it, and anyone that stands up to ComicsGate with his CIA background is alright in my book.

Friday, 1.11.19
A long day.

Typically, I try to reserve Fridays afternoons for relaxation and reflection.

This week ended up needing make-up assignments for my tutoring students, which means novel-writing gets put on the back burner. Paid work takes priority. To survive in the freelance life, that’s the #1 rule.

It’s rough. I don’t want to sound overdramatic, but it calls to me. I feel it, like a child drowning. “You’re leaving me to die…why…?”

Saturday, 1.12.19
Most of the day was spent getting ready to write. To work. To create. A big chunk was spent shopping for a camping trip next weekend. Steam Crow’s Monstro Camp Prime. An amazing company run by amazing, creative people. True inspirations.

I spent the day shooting things in a video game.

Every time I thought about sitting and typing, working, I thought of what happened in December. Then I got sad. Then I felt like sitting. I know they say to work through the pain and let the work be something you can be proud of at the end of it all, but some days are easier than others.

This was not one of those days.

Finished reading “The Armored Saint,” by Myke Cole (Amazon US). I met Myke once, at a charity auction in Phoenix for the Kids Need to Read event. Because I was bidding on a signed poster he said, “You and I are going to be good friends.” I should probably state that Myke was the MC of this thing and leading the auction, so he had to watch me bid. He didn’t just walk up to me to tell me this, though that would have been great too.

Anyway, “The Armored Saint” is his first foray into the fantasy-genre, after writing military/sci-fi books based on his own personal experiences. It hit hard and got right to the point. It took me 5 days to read it, but I probably could have read it in fewer if sleep didn’t need to happen. Cole crafts a tale, taking place over the span of a few days, that doesn’t pull any punches. Heloise is a character born into a terrible, awful world, and you feel for her every second of every page. The ending is bleak, but necessary, as you watch this girl grow to take center stage in an epic conflict. Cannot wait to pick up book #2.

I’m hoping to drop some more articles in this as the weeks go on. Whatever I’m reading throughout the week.

That’s it. I’m out. Take care this week.

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