On Saturdays, when Eddie could find no one to play with, he often went down to the trainyards. No real reason; he just liked to go out there.-Stephen King

So I’ve officially given up on IT.

308 pages. 308 in is all it took for me to go, “Wow, Stephen King is an amazing writer with captivating prose and interesting hooks, but boy howdy, does he spend a lot of time on the small and minute details of a person’s life.”

Having seen the Tim Curry television special a long time ago and watched some YouTube reviews of the new live action movie, I’m pretty aware of where the story goes and how it gets there. Many of the early chapters, the ones that merely INTRODUCE the characters, spend pages and pages and pages just telling us again and again who the characters are again and again. It’s one of those moments where I see how the genius was let off the leash and where modern editors would definitely tell you to cut.

It was good. SO good. It was all so good.

But…well, I think I need to move on.

There’s too many books to read. After finally getting to one of the last boxes, post-move, I discovered a whole stack of books picked out of my student library to read. Reading is research. Since I want to write middle-grade/young adult books I need to read as many as possible. To learn. To steal.

To Read Stack

Life’s too short for books you hate.

Or, rather, books you don’t per say hate but don’t have time for.

Thanks for reading,

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