This is what it’ll look like.

When they arrive.

Up until now we really haven’t used this room of the house. We kept the door closed so the cats can’t come in. It’s strange, to think that in less than six weeks this room will be something I go into constantly.

I know all three of my posts today have been about nurseries and babies and #TwinMageddon, but this is still a writing blog. A place for me to figure out what it takes to be a professional writer. I know that a lot of pro writers would go ahead and say you just need to write, but I think there’s something more than that. Maybe something they don’t knowingly admit to themselves:

There needs to be a reason for you to write.

Telling stories? Sure. But to go somewhere deeper, I think it would be this: I want to prove to my sons they can do anything they want for their whole lives. That me making up stories in my head and people willing to read them is something possible. Most likely they won’t be writers. Maybe they won’t be artsy types at all, but I just need to show them.

A reason to write.

For them.

T-Minus: 3-5 weeks.

All caught up on 100 Days of Blogging too, so, yay.

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