I’ve just discovered that you can search a Field Notes tag over on Flickr.

Dear sweet Lord it’s beautiful…

flickr field notes full

(all photo credits to their original owners. I wish I could claim credit to these masterpieces…)

This is everything to me. And yes, I know my wife gave birth to our twin sons a few months ago, but until my boys look like this:

flickr field notes 2

Then they’re terribly behind. “But, Robert, how can your sons look like notebooks?”

They better figure it out, I tell you what.

Quarantine: Day 63.4?

I’ve started my Stine Model outline for Project: NESS, playing around with chapter sizes and speed. It’s MG (middle-grade, ages 8-12), so thinking short chapters with little space to breath. Keep the pace, move it along.

Typing up setting notes for Project: TWILIGHT later.

Also, I’m basically unemployed for the first time in over 10 years. It’s an odd feeling.

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