Doing my best to stay off social media today. “Doomscrolling” is a very real word and a very real affliction and you’d realize how much more you could get done if you simply stopped. Essentially, no matter how bad the news is, you keep scrolling down the page, hoping for it to get better and it never does.

Last night right as I was about to work on NESS, my brain fried out. Shut down. Blinded me. I get that the world is harsh and it’s important to pay attention, but not at your own health’s risk. We need you.

I cracked another NESS chapter then spent the rest of the night organizing my Magic the Gathering cards because hobbies are important, too.

Also, didn’t put the date in this STATUS. I figure if I have something short to talk about I can call it that instead. Unthemed entries will get the date label.

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