If I was better at being a writer/reader, this site would be filled top to bottom with the newest literary fire that I’m reading. Honestly, in my dreams, I’m reading a new book every week, rotating between middle-grade (to stay on top of what my students would be reading), science fiction and fantasy (my preferred genre of story), and non-fiction texts (it’s always good to learn), and then talking about it on here.

I do book quotes occasionally (Link to my newest one here) but it’s really more of a condolence to what I would love this site to be.

No, these are the kinds of books I read on the regular. See the Dinosaur Dance? My boys and I read it 12 times today.

I counted.

And that’s okay. I don’t mind. I was just thinking of this because a close friend of mine who reads WAY more than me sent me her 2021 reading log, complete with built-in star ratings, space for quotes, and she even printed out color pictures of the covers to add in for reference. It was glorious.

Maybe not right now, but I’ll come back to it.

Thanks for reading,

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